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Gospel Tracts and Resources

AoC produce documentaries to strengthen your walk in Christ! See our “Exploring The Bible" series. Those who work with AoC Network are from various Christian traditions. We aim to create content that is biblical, educational, and can be valued by all followers of Christ. We are committed to Biblical teaching through cinematic video and online materials. Nevertheless, we encourage our audience to also fellowship with their local Church community and to view our materials as an educational supplement in one’s walk with Christ. Many of our videos feature some of the greatest biblical movies produced on film. For those interested in acquiring the movies featured in our episodes, a Google search using the title and date provided in the ending credits will help with purchasing them.

Multimedia resources:
  • The Prophets’ Story,” viewable on YouTube, provides an overview of the Bible’s prophets from Adam to Jesus in less than 10 minutes, tracing the thread of sacrifice. It is available in several Afghan languages and would be easy to share with Afghan friends in a text message.

  • The “Stories of Hope, Proverbs, and Good News (Gospel)” Facebook page and the "Proverbs and Stories of Hope" Facebook page and interactive Messenger outreach provide Pashto Bible stories in text, video and audio formats.

  • The classic JESUS Film is available in the following Afghan languages and dialects:

  • The shorter Magdalena Film, produced by the Jesus Film Project, focuses on Jesus’ interaction with women and is also available in several languages:

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